Sunday, November 28, 2010

Meal Plan for November 28 - December 4

I hope all of my US friends had a lovely Thanksgiving.  For the most part ours was nice.  Definitely interesting.  My favorite quote is what my nephew (age 4) said to me at the table "Amy, did you know that you're gonna die before me?"  Well, all I can say is, I hope so.  Little Bean came down with a nasty double ear infection the next day while we were still out of town.  I am so thankful for urgent care centers and antibiotics.  And after we got home, we were assaulted by mother nature who sent us over a foot of snow.  And here's a tip for those boring winter afternoons:  Dump out a box of crayons - we used the 64 pack - and put them back in by color.  You must do this as a group.  Seriously, this is so much fun...and causes quite a bit of controversy.

So, my meal plan this week is going to be really sketchy.  We have tons of leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner #2 last night and we are throwing a Christmas party on Saturday night and my birthday is in the middle of the week.  So, don't expect too much inspiration here.

Meal #1 and 2:  Thanksgiving Leftovers (as is)
Meal #3:   Chickpea Curry
Meal #4:  Mom's Turkey Soup and Rolls
Meal #5:  Birthday Surprise - this both intrigues and terrifies me
Meal #6:  Christmas Party - will make a separate post with details
Meal #7:  Turkey and Angel Hair Pasta with a Parmesan White Sauce

That's it.  Stay tuned for the Christmas Party menu...I'm still working it out.  If anyone has any suggestions for easy appetizers/finger foods, PLEASE share.  I could use the help!

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