Friday, February 25, 2011

Snowy (or Rainy) Day Kid Project - Cookie Pops

Let me start by saying I take zero credit for any of these ideas.  I didn't even find this myself.  So, thank you to my friend Nicole who posted this link on Facebook which gave Little Bean and I a big project for the day.  And might I mention that we had a hideous blizzard two days ago which left is with 12 point something inches of snow...and now we have FRIGID -16 last night (yes, that is a minus sign!).  So, needless to say, we are  little stir crazy and this was the perfect project to fill a good part of the morning.

So, with out further it is..."play dough" cookie pops!

Aren't these so much fun?!  I don't know if I will ever make sugar cookies the regular way again!  Little Bean was REALLY into it too.  She had so much fun picking the colors (pink and purple, of course...and yellow) and of course playing with the dough.

Say "Cheese!"

This is the brainchild of Amanda's Cookin' (link here).  I can already think of a million different ways/occasions to make these.

Have I inspired you?  I hope so!


  1. How fun! She is so CUTE! Thank you so much for sharing these, I am so glad to see that sweet little smiling face :) :)

  2. I was hoping they were real food! Looks yummy!

  3. Hey I recognize that apron Bean is wearing! Love that fabric ;-)