Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playroom Progress

Slowly but surely, Layla's playroom is becoming her own after sharing it with me as an office/sewing room.  I have officially moved into one of the basement rooms that are being finished (even though the trim isn't up yet).

I just finished sewing and hanging her curtains.  I got this super cute fabric - the whole bolt - for about $20.  It should have been about $70, but due to some lazy store arrangements (it was placed in a section marked 40% off, even though it wasn't) and an error at the checkout, I got a great deal.  Add a few yards of muslin, and voila, curtains!

The table and chairs I just picked up at IKEA for a steal.  Absolutely love them!

And the pattern on the curtains with the birds and the trees goes oh so perfectly with the trees and owls that were already up on the walls:

More changes (and hopefully some better pictures) to come!  Next week is Little Bean's second birthday and I know some fun things are on their way.


  1. It looks great! Nice find on the fabric - lucky you!

  2. Oooh, ooh, those decals go with Elsa's bedroom set, her quilt/sheets/throw pillows, etc..... But we couldn't do the decals, because she has textured walls it won't work. Boo.

  3. We have textured walls too. I have decals everywhere. It totally works. These ones are great - they are from Target and were only about $15 and you can move them and reuse them!

  4. They look super cute! I am so jealous of your fabric finding luck!