Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Meal Plan 9/30-10/6

Obviously, I am making this post a week late.  The bonus, I can include my reviews since there were a couple of new recipes tried.  Two that were absolutely amazing and I am sure will become regulars around here...which is saying a lot.

We are officially dropping below freezing every night here now.  So, last week we had to harvest all of our tomatoes.  Oh man, do we have a lot of tomatoes.  I made three batches of roasted salsa, a huge batch of marinara, and I chopped and froze about 15 quarts...and we still have a ton on the counter.

Meal #1:  Turkey burgers with avocado and green salad

Meal #2:  Penne with turkey meatballs (with parsley and onion) and marinara with sauteed zucchini...this marinara was really yummy...very flavorful...I will definitely make again.

Meal #3:  Mushroom grilled cheese with green salad...OMG, this was completely heavenly.  I didn't have white wine on hand and just used water...still out of this world.

Meal #4:  Avocado egg salad sandwiches with green salad.  I am a huge avocado lover and this sandwich was Ah-mazing.  I only used half of an avocado and I subbed the mayo with greek yogurt and also used half the curry powder suggested since mine is hot.

Meal #5:  Banana chocolate chip muffins with homemade turkey sausage patties (for breakfast).  This sausage was really good...too spicy for the little one, but perfect for mom and dad!

Treat:  Me and the bean also made some princess crown cookies with oodles of sprinkles from this recipe...the cookies really held their shape and are yummy.

What does everybody else do with all of their tomatoes?

Have a great week!

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